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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Author Update: Allison M. Simon

Ok, here’s the long awaited update. Drum roll please.

Yes, you read the signs correctly. Book number two is out!


For those who read CASE STUDY and loved it, you may or may not love Franklin. For those who read CASE STUDY and hated it, you may or may not love Franklin. It’s very different, and yet similar, because it comes from the same crazy head.

For more information on Franklin Academy, check out the tab to on my website. You can also read the first few chapters, as well as catch links to buy it for Kindle and paperback. Also, the spectacular cover was designed and photographed by my super-talented little brother Jon Meckes (who’s also a fabulous musician).

Happy reading! (Ok, it’s me, so not so happy.) Intense, mind-bending reading!

In other news, we have another big announcement. Second drum roll please (too much tympani for one post? Sorry.)

There will be a sequel to CASE STUDY.

I’ve received many requests for a sequel and was on the fence due to a variety of factors. Finally, I decided the readers were right. Jesse’s story needs to be resolved definitively and in a satisfying way. Look for it early next year. In the mean time, there are several other works under way.

Thanks to all of you for reading my books and staying tuned to my website. You’re the best and I always enjoy interacting with you about my novels, blog entries, and anything really.

That’s all I have for now. Peace.

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