For more about Allison and her books visit her website at For now, please relax and brace yourself for the occasionally coherent ramblings of Allison's mind.


My interests are eclectic. My thoughts, even more so. This is a blog about everything.

I’m a writer, musician, mother, and committed member of the workforce. I’m a movie fan, pop-culture critic, sports fan, follower of current events, and philosopher.

I like to write reviews about random things and offer insight on whatever topic crosses my path. I’m not an expert on anything except my own opinions. I never claim to be.

My sense of humor is dry and understated. I use it freely. If you’re in doubt, assume it’s a joke.

I tend to see most issues as gray and struggle when social, political, economic, and religious topics are treated as black and white. The world is too complicated for easy yeses and no’s.

I may not always be right, but I’m always honest. I’m open to new ideas and gladly explore other people’s thoughts, cultures, and beliefs. I’ll discuss anything openly.

I’m an alternative music junkie. I play and write my own as well.  

I believe that our world is dark and humans can be evil, but we also have an immense capacity for good. We need to fight for the good no matter how discouraging the battle may seem at times.

I live by the motto that we are all responsible to improve our world and look after each other. That even though we live in an unjust universe, we still will have to answer for our own actions.

Integrity is everything and the only unshakeable character trait we all should share.

No difference is insurmountable if both sides operate accordingly.

This blog is about our universe, and the daily challenge of living in it.

This blog is about everything.