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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dear Dr. Fortune Cookie: Planning Your Future

Dear Dr. Fortune Cookie,
My fortune tonight said "Put your mind into planning today. Look into the future."

What could this mean? Write a to-do list while gazing into a crystal ball?

Curiouser and curioser.

Dear Curious,
It’s a rare treat these days to encounter specific tidbits of prophesy from the cookie gods. For whatever reason in recent years, they have adopted a more vague and universal approach to their communication with us.
In light of that, I certainly can’t blame you for your general approach to interpretation. After all, why should they bless you with a direct message when the rest of us receive only broad truths?
But you’ve been contacted and now have a very specific task ahead of you. I’m glad you’ve sought my counsel while there’s still time. They’re not asking you to plan today’s activities, though you should be opening your date book as we speak. They’re asking you to plan for the future today, as in, right now.
Hopefully, you’re already prepared, but in case you’re not, the cookie gods have warned you, so take heed: This summer is poised to be an exceptional TV season. If your household is not equipped with a DVR, you still have a few weeks to call your cable provider.
Trust me, as an addicted DVR user, they haven’t steered you wrong.
Dr. Fortune Cookie
(Editor’s Note: If you would like to submit your fortune cookie fortune for interpretation, please send your letter to Dr. Fortune Cookie through Allison M Simon’s page on Facebook or as a comment on this website. Comments posted anonymously will remain anonymous.)

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