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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Little Known Bands You Should Know

Thousand Foot Krutch

Why this band didn’t make my first post (Bands You Should Know), I have no idea. TFK is my longest running favorite band, and the only one to survive my changing tastes since those fickle teenage years. Heck, they even made my random post on Tim Horton’s.

TFK is also one of the few bands I can confidently introduce to any fan of alternative music and witness an instant connection. They have uncanny ability to combine lyrics, vocals, and instruments into a unique sense of rhythm that’s as catchy as it is hard.

You can’t go wrong with any of their albums. If I had to give one favorite, it would probably be “Phenomenon” based solely on the merits of the title song, “Bounce,” and the iconic “Rawkfist.”

If you can sit still through “Bounce,” “Move,” “Rawkfist,” or “Smack Down” you’re probably dead. Their albums are stuffed with the adrenaline-infused car ride songs that make you want to clean your garage or rake leaves.

Check out “Rawkfist” if you can only sample one song and get a crash course in the rhythmic magic that is TFK.

Ok, now I have to go for a long drive with my TFK mix.

House of Heroes

Panic! at the Disco’s “Vices & Virtues” has officially reached gold status in my mp3-player (mainly because my preschooler has latched onto “Memories” and forces an endless loop of track 4 when he’s in the car). But this blog is about bands you don’t know, not bands you do, which brings us to one of my favorites: House of Heroes.

I have a thing for alternative bands with leads who can actually sing. Not just sing well enough for an alternative band, but actually sing sing. Think Incubus, not Weezer. I like a good Weezer song as much as the next person, but you’re not on board to be blown away by vocals.

House of Heroes can sing. They are also quirky and fun, similar to the style of Panic! at the Disco (hence the correlation). Yet, many of their songs have an edge missing from Panic! which better fits my tastes. Without hesitation I recommend “The End is Not the End.” It’s not their latest, but by far their best, and it’s the album that set-off our love affair. This is a band for those who like clever tongue-in-cheek lyrics, funky beats, and slick harmonies.

If you like Panic! at the Disco, you will like House of Heroes. If you don’t, you will probably still like House of Heroes.


While we’re celebrating mp3-player gold status, it’s time to give proper accolades to Blindside and welcome them back after a short hiatus. This Swedish band had a bit of a stumble on their last album and then disappeared for a while which turned out to be a wise move.

Their latest offering, “With Shivering Hearts We Wait,” put them back into old form and reminded me why I never gave up hope.

“Silence” will always be my favorite album, with “About a Burning Fire” a close second. But the newest release stays true to their hard alternative roots as well and comfortably fits into my 80/20 singing to screaming ratio. (Ironically, most of the other bands I’ve mentioned on this blog do not, but I like them anyway).

Their lyrics are in English, so don’t let the Swedish background scare you away. They mix melody and alternative edge about as well as any band I’ve heard. Not every song on the album is a homerun (some are), but they’re all at least solid doubles.

Still, there’s some great music coming out of Sweden, and this is the band that’s hooked me.

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