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Friday, July 22, 2011

If Novels Were Music: Meet the Real Allison

I spend a lot of time talking about other people’s art. I spend a lot of time critiquing pop culture, theories, and popular opinion. It’s easy to discuss the external world. Zero risk. Never ending source of topics.

Like most of us, I have a more trouble sharing the internal. It’s dangerous. Often messy.

Also like most people, talking about myself is complicated by my many sides. There’s the sweet, quiet introvert you’ll meet as a casual acquaintance. You’d guess this shy smile would write inspirational short stories about puppies and gardening. (I don’t like either. Seriously, do you know anyone who doesn’t like puppies? I’m messed up.)

A few more meetings and you’d begin to encounter the wryly humorous conversationalist. She’d keep you laughing, but thinking a bit. Ok, so Allison doesn’t write about puppies after all. Probably a good chick lit book with a twist. How much she hates shopping. Why she’s one of only four women who has no use for shoes. Tales of her one and only mani/pedi. You’d get zero useful advice, but you’d be laughing until the tears fell.

But start a conversation on religion, politics, current events, or philosophy and things would change quickly.

There’s another side only the closest know. She’s pensive. Introspective. An old soul. A dark soul really, but deeply compassionate. She gets so lost in her head she doesn’t sleep much. She can’t accept anything at face value. She rarely sees black and white. She’s not afraid to confront the dark side of the mind even if she still believes humanity has the capacity for immense good. And she’s the one who writes.

I often get asked about my writing. I have trouble discussing it because most people who know me don’t really know me. How can they connect with the writing if they have a completely different view of the writer?

It’s actually easier to talk to strangers, people who aren’t expecting the puppy epic or bad relationship advice. I don’t have to fear their shock and awe should they decide to dive in. They can glimpse my soul since they haven’t been swayed by the barrier protecting it and adapting it to the protocol of daily life.

All three may be part of my identity, but pensive Allison is at the core. The other two share a lot of space on this blog, but it’s time to introduce the deeper base of who I am as well. I can’t exactly post a novel, so at the risk of eliminating any credibility to ever discuss music again, I offer a song. I can’t think of a better way to summarize the tone, content, and style of my writing than by sharing my music which comes from the exact same place. If you want a four minute glimpse into my books, this poorly recorded practice session in the basement of a friend’s house is it.

" Laughing Stock" at (bottom of the post)

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