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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Allison’s Writing Blog: Now With Writing, Too!

We’ve been talking here at the blog, and realized, wait a sec, this is technically a writing blog. Shouldn’t we incorporate books and writing somehow? At least once in a while? Why yes, yes we should. And we have the perfect solution: we’ll add a new feature. We love features almost as much as we love lists.

We tried to think of a clever name like “Excerpt Tuesday” or “Today’s Excerpt” but let’s face it, those aren’t clever and who wants to be committed to a Tuesday? So, the name of this grand “new feature” is still pending, but that won’t slow us down. Yeah, you only WISH something would slow us down.

To get this thing off the ground, we will post an excerpt from one of Allison’s novels. It won’t be from the beginning, it might still be a work-in-progress; it may be funny, dramatic, or suspenseful. Heck, it might not even be good (Editor’s Note: We’ll try to make it good). It’ll just be a “hey, what’s up? Here’s what I’m working on…” to bring you into the inner circle.

As our blog, and your confidence, grows, however, hopefully all of you will get involved as well. We are opening this up to any reader (writer or not) and we’re probably more excited to hear your thoughts and see your work than share ours. After all, we’ve read our stuff many times. (He still dies in the end. Ok, not really. Except sometimes.)

If you would like to submit an excerpt for our “Yet-To-Be-Named Excerpt Feature,” just send it to me in the body of an e-mail and I’ll review it ( – no attachments please). As long as it’s not obscene (and yes, that’s subjective, so MY definition of obscene), I’d be happy to post it for you when our feature runs. If you’re a writer it can be anything you’ve published or are currently working on. It can part of a short story, novel, screen play, anything, as long as it’s from your head and your heart. (We like to appease the copyright gods).

If you’re not a writer, there are still plenty of ways for you to share. Hey, go ahead and write that guest post about your thoughts on shampoo, we’re fine with that! And you know we love reviews here at the blog. Movies, TV Shows, books, writing utensils. We’ve also never seen anything on sports that hasn’t piqued our interest.

Just keep it under 600 words (which sadly, to a writer, is basically your name and contact information, but you’ll manage). Also, give us your title and the type of work (if applicable). If it’s something that’s available for purchase, send the link and I’ll post that for you as well. Please include your name and location (city and country is fine).

Oh, one more thing, it has to be in English. Sorry, but I have to be able to read and understand it. Well, ok, I have to be able to read it. There are plenty of works that claim to be in English that I don’t get. (Scarlet Letter anyone? I know, you’ve been branded an adulteress. That sucks. Did you have to use every 8-syllable word in the thesaurus to whine about it?)

So that’s it. Simple, right? And now we can rest easy that we’re still a writing blog at heart. (But don’t worry,  more often than not we will still go off on every tangent under the sun).

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