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Friday, March 25, 2011

Holly Sullivan: Hello, World!

Wow, thanks, Mr. Hanover. I guess that explains why Jesse hates you.  And I read your bio on the other page. I love the fact that you think your friends respect you. Heck, I love the fact that you think you have friends. But then again, since Jesse rarely mentions you, all I really know about you is what I’ve witnessed when you and your annoying wife butt into our lives.

Of course, I’m not thrilled with Jesse either. Come on, Jess, that’s really how you want to introduce yourself to the world? In typical Jesse fashion, you deflect every remotely intimate detail about yourself to a safer topic. You can be infuriating, you know that?

And Kevin…why are you stooping to his level!! Let him pout like he does so well! Seriously, guys, you’re worse than a bathroom full of reality show divas.

You’d never know they’re actually really good friends. Almost brothers, even though they’re pretty much polar opposites. If not for Kevin, Jesse would probably be a brilliant hermit, filling countless notebooks with incoherent ramblings in five-syllable words. If not for Jesse, Kevin would probably be that reality show diva after all. Their apartment never lacks for excitement, let me tell you.

Ok, and yes, as much as Jesse drives me crazy sometimes, I do love him. More than anyone really, except my daughter Julia, of course. For all his faults, he’s pretty amazing even if he’s right that I worry about him. But what are girlfriends for if not to worry and remind their men of their many endearing faults?

Great, now I’m out of space and I haven’t even told you anything about myself either. Thanks for the inspiration, Jess. I can almost feel you smirking as you read this. Alright, well, maybe I’ll say more in my next post.  Then again, since I got bumped twice in a row now, who knows when that will be!

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