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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cassie: I Don’t Like Snobby People

I’m sooo sick of snobby people. I don’t get how anyone can think they’re better than anyone else. And even if you do think that, why the heck would you point that out to everyone and make it public?

I was at the outlets the other day with Krista and we’re sitting there having an AMAZING latte from Café Emilie next to the Dockers store. Anyway, so we’re sitting there and this lady at the table behind us actually says to her friend, “Oh my God, that’s not even a real Coach bag.” Krista and I both turn around and stare at this crazy woman like she’s a talking aardvark or something but she doesn’t even notice us because she’s too busy studying some random girl’s non-Coach purse. Hey lady – guess what, there’s real crap going on in the world!! Pickup a newspaper! Oh wait, that might mess up your manicure.

Maybe I’m a snob for not liking snobby people, but I’m ok with that. And by the way, the girl with the non-Coach purse was wearing the CUTEST Sketchers I’ve ever seen. I bet she was infinitely more interesting than Queen Espresso behind me.

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